3 Unique Retro Style Decorative Ideas

3 Unique Retro Style Decorative Ideas

Retro style is perfect for decorating your home style to improve comfort and emphasize creativity in your living room or dining room.

To achieve a perfect look, the trick is to learn how to combine colors and place the right furniture to achieve a perfect look. This article will highlight the best decorative elements to have in your home to help you understand more about the retro style.


When someone mentions the Retro style, the first thing that will come to your mind is smooth plastic, soft velvet, and shag carpeting. When it comes to Retro, there are no limits when it comes to textures. Go all the way. The more textures, the better.


To achieve a perfect retro look, select retro colors. The good news is, playing with colors does not have to be complicated. An example of a retro color choice is mustard yellow and a combination of red, black, white, and brown. Hot pink mixed with purple is also perfect for achieving a retro décor. Spice things up by adding tie-dyed fabrics and checkered patterns.


Good lighting is the first step to achieve anything to do with interior design. A floor lamp is an excellent choice for a retro-style look. Two, have a multi-colored chandelier that works with a wall socket.


To achieve a retro-style look, don’t be shy to combine different shapes and colors to develop something unique for your home. A perfect retro style requires time and attention to every detail. When decorating, don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors; go all the way.

5 Top Interior Design Blogs

5 Top Interior Design Blogs

When looking for interior design inspirations, you need access to the best interior design blogs before jumping into decorating your home. In that way, below are 5 top recommended blogs with tutorials, tips, styles and guidelines on trendy interior designs.

· Tylko Journal

If you are looking for interior design that will save space and make your home spacious, this is a must blog to visit via http://journal.tylko.com. They have different interior design styles, including chic TV table and unlimited shelves to choose according to your need. The blog has various interior design and DIY posts that you will find inspiring in your journey to decorating your home.

· Mad about the house blog

It’s an excellent interior design blog with the renovation and unique decorations that will give your home a fashionable look. They post inspirations, guidelines, and tips on interiors, the best furniture, paintings, bedding, and lifestyle demands. Whether you are looking for the old decorating styles or the new fashions, you will get them inside. For more information, reach them via http://www.madaboutthehouse.com/.

· Bright Bazaar blog

Will Taylor founded it in 2009. Just like the name suggests, the http://www.brightbazaarblog.comis beautiful with bright decors that will put a smile on your face even before reading through. They offer colourful styles, bright interiors, bright life and bright travel guides. Besides, Taylor has overwhelming interior tips for home office, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and home tours. They also, have the latest textiles collection styles and DIYs fit for both winter and autumn seasons.

· Amber interiors design blog

Amber Lewis founded the http://amberinteriordesign.com . The blog focuses on interior design styles and projects that will be fruitful to you. Besides, the blog has various builders and architects inside that offer clients inspiration, enabling them to choose their liking interior designs. You will also find different fashionable furniture, accessories, and fabrics that are fit for your interior design.

· Design hunter blog

The design hunter is your refuge if you are looking for minimalistic interior designs. It offers useful contents on all categories of design and everything you need for elegant design. That is lifestyle, innovation and interior, which include textures, renovations and surface decorations. Besides, you will also get details on where to get affordable interior designers and designing items like fixtures, lighting and rugs. If that’s not enough, you will also get lifestyle posts, beauty and fashion. Visit the site via http://www.thedesignhunter.com.

Go trendy by designing your home appropriate.

7 Tips for Scandinavian Interior Design

7 Tips for Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design brings out the beauty in modesty. It embraces the elegance and purpose of your space with minimum cost with the use of natural features. Below are 7 tips for nailing Scandi home décor.

Fluffy textiles

Unlike other interior decors, Scandinavian uses soft textiles to bring warmth and an inviting setting to the room. They include leather, wood and furs items like rugs, covers or throws that are warm, functional and stylish.

Scandinavian lighting

Naturally, the design aims at reducing the colours, expensive modern furniture and cosy diacritics while making it chic. Hence, it uses natural light and high contrasts. In that way, the spaces are painted white with glaring black furniture giving the striking glance of Scandi décor. You can also go for other choices like wicker pendant, paper and lamp lights to maintain the space bright.

Simple patterns and motifs

The Scandinavian design doesn’t use many decorative patterns and motifs as it aims to keep it simple. So it involves straight lines, solid pieces, mini chevrons, modest linear patterns and pleasing motifs. On the furnishing, Scandi design uses soft decorative furnishings.

Natural material

The design entails using natural materials like leather and warm woods that make the room bright without using too much bright colours. Besides, these natural items’ sketchy look combines with cosy and soft textiles, making the space more appealing. For more inspiration, check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design.

Mod furniture and greenery

The use of mod furniture like swan chairs and tulip tables gives the space an organic look. The addition of green plants and flowers will also help in brightening up the rooms.


Have a fireplace on a corner of your room with small chairs placed closer to it. This gives your room warmth, comfort and beauty with a combination of the bright colours in the space. Putting the fireplace in the corner makes the room spacious as the chair and table won’t be altered like when the fireplace is in the middle of a room.

Wood floor and mix décor flairs

Scandinavian design uses hardwood floors that are light and cosy. Besides, the mix of different colour styles and decorative oil paintings gives your room a coated feel. You can also hang apothecary jars in the dining room, introducing a cosy artwork look in your space.

Focus on neutral colours like beige, pale pastels, white and light grey as they are the best Scandinavian interior design colours.